Repricing Strategies

Using a powerful tool, Quantum Networks is able to strategically automate repricing and use this critical insight to increase its ability to outsmart and dominate the competitive landscape.

Quantum Networks has built its own repricing strategies that enable agility and fluidity as the marketplace price constantly changes. Quantum can choose which sellers to compete against and a percentage or dollar amount to increase or decrease by depending on demand and availability.

“Quantum Networks builds intelligent pricing strategies for every product and selling style.”

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"Get the Buy Box" strategy aggressively targets the Buy Box, and uses powerful and intelligent algorithms to win the Buy Box and keep you in it.

Quantum Networks analyzes real-time seller performance, supply and demand, aligning them with your pricing targets to determine your pricing sweet spot and ultimately maximizing your overall points.

Daily price change alerts and reports keep Quantum Networks informed of the marketplace price fluctuations.

85% of Amazon sales are made through the Buy Box.

Product Engagement

On any marketplace, a product’s customer rating can greatly improve sales by boosting confidence in a listing. We strategically time and word our feedback solicitation efforts to improve the likelihood of a customer leaving feedback.

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Feedback Influenced Merchandising

Using consumer-generated feedback, Quantum Networks was able to create solution-focused bundles that directly impacted BSR.


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When you ‘Stockout’ you negatively impact your BSR.

Data Driven Replenishment

Knowing what to buy and sell on Amazon is 50% of the success equation, the other 50% is keeping the product in stock and being able to predict ahead of time when to send replenishment shipments.

Quantum Networks has been working on inventory forecasting and FBA replenishment for 8+ years and understands the nuances involved in getting this complex theory down to a precise formula.

“Stockout = less sales: always stay in-stock!”

Accurately predict how many days left of inventory you have, before a stock out.

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30 Day Sales

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Current Inventory

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Warehouse Lead Time

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Quantity to Reorder

The timing of products inbound to Quantum’s 3PL and then outbound to FBA warehouses, impacts our replenishment formula, which is constantly recalculating with these data points.

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Quantum's 3PL Warehouse

Manufacturer's Warehouse

FBA Warehouse

Sales velocity, seasonality and current inventory are all data points Quantum Networks uses to predict replenishment

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Sales Velocity

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Current Inventory

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Quantum’s KPI’s to
Project Replenishment

Annotated Images

Annotated Images are integral to increasing mobile sales by answering questions before they are asked through explanatory images. Customers can quickly learn the why’s and how’s of products without having to read a description.

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