SEO Optimized Listings

Optimized product titles lead customers to your product and describes it in full.

Images are integral to conversion, especially on mobile platforms - which makes up 40% of online sales.

Videos on product pages improves ranking and increases conversion rate.

High resolution, studio-photographed images are worth 1000 words.

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Customer outreach tools invite feedback and combat negative reviews, leading to better rankings.

Bulletpoints outline features and are key to the mobile shopping experience.

Product family variations present customers with more options and facilitate conversion.

A+ Content

Enhanced content modules educate, engage, and excite the customer.

In-depth feature exploration and explanation.

Additional feature images, content, and comparison charts increase conversion by 3-10%.

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Brand Page

Press quotes and reviews reinforce a customer’s confidence in your brand.

Additional text lets you express your brand’s mission statement or who you are, creating a personal connection.

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Social media links help customers connect and follow your brand.

A brand video will help communicate your brand’s identity and mission.

Featured products highlight your flagships and educate potential customers.

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